Tabemono to Nomemono

If Japan doesn’t make a foodie out of you, no place will.

Here are some of the meals/ beverages I’ve had so far. I’ll try to add details and some more photos as the trip continues.


This was dinner tonight at Iseya in Narai. I sat with two older women from Tokyo in the tatami mat dining room. Many of the other guests were wearing their yukata. It was an exquisite meal. One of the best I’ve had in Japan so far.


This was a bento lunch I had with Kato-san in Nara. She was my guide for the day and we were starving by the time we stopped to eat. She knew this place and recommended it. It was very, very good.


These were Hello Kitty Halloween donuts at Mister Donut in Osaka. I didn’t try one, but had to take a picture.


These green blobs are actually mochi filled with red bean paste. The mochi was much softer than other mochi. They were quite good. And looked especially odd.


After our fabulous day at Nara, Carmen and I ate at a nice restaurant in Nara. Will find the name later. This was sardine.


Octopus (tako) sashimi with avocedo salad at same place in Nara with Carmen.


First breakfast at Nishiyama in Kyoto. Tofu is being cooked/ warmed in the wooden box thing.


Matcha tea with a little cake (still in its wrapper) in Kyoto (name of place on the right)


We had lunch at a Zen monastery. All vegetarian. This meal ties for best so far. Everything was amazing. The porridge/ gruel thing on the lower right was suprisingly good. There were several other plates that got delivered that didn’t make it into the photo. Dessert was some asian pears and another fruit.


Yamazaki 12-year whiskey in Kyoto. Just because. (and because i was with three Spaniards and a Canadian)


Super ridicuous fatty ramen. In Kyoto at a stinky ramen place :-).


Grilled mochi on a stick. I wonder if they have this at the Minnesota State Fair? After it’s grilled you dip in sauce and then a sweet powder. Too sweet for my taste.


Yakisoba with Suntory Malt on draft. Kisui Izakaya in Kyoto. I was with Sonia and Guillaume.


Best ramen so far. Organic chicken ramen at Goshiki in Matsumoto. He only serves 20 bowls of this per night before he runs out. I got there right when he opened (6:01pm) and there were already two customers. Only 8 stools at the bar (only place to sit)


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