One morning in Bangkok

This trip to Thailand (my first) was book-ended by short bursts of time in Bangkok. I feel like I only caught the briefest glimpses of this city, and was relegated mainly to the touristy areas (due to desire for an ‘overview’ and the need for easy airport access).  I flew in at midnight February 3rd and had to be back at the airport by 1pm on the 4th.  I chose to stay at the (overpriced-even-by-Western-standards) Novotel airport hotel and was rewarded by being able to be standing in a hot shower within 60 minutes of the plane touching down. If you can manage to stay awake for a further 45 minutes or so, I’d recommend getting a cab into the center of Bangkok. (immigration and customs were very quick, if they hadn’t been I think I’d still swing for the pricey-but-close airport hotel).

I took a train (very clean, very easy to use) into the city in the morning and started to wander in the direction I thought I’d spend my day. Two different women stopped me to chat about where I was going, where I was from etc. The second one steered me in the direction of a tuk-tuk that took me to a company that provided tours of the riverfront via long-tail (long, narrow traditional looking boat with a somewhat horrifying diesel engine on the back and a very long tiller). I had the boat mainly to myself.





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