39 Days – a photo project

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Figuring that I lacked the particular dedication needed to stick to a 365-day photo project (http://365project.org/), and knowing I would leave my ‘big girl camera’ behind in Honolulu when I flew to DC, but still wanting an injection of focus, I decided to embark on an abbreviated project. One photo a day until I left the rock; thirty-nine photos. I could do that.

And so, some observations:

A project like this is very good for honing your eye. You’re always looking. More particularly aware. Oh look! That’s beautiful. That’s unique. That’s well lit. Look at what the light is doing there.  Oooooooooooo yeah. Hold on, sorry, gotta grab this picture.

I realized that when I go off on a mission to photograph, I think of finding images. It’s less a ‘taking’ and more of a ‘finding’. Collecting. Which I guess is a form of taking, but still.  It’s my job to see the image. And beauty is everywhere. Interesting, arresting images, are everywhere. It’s been a very good exercise to remind myself of that.

Folks who see my photos often ask what camera I have. The one I started this project with is a Canon 5D Mark II. But there’s a saying that the best camera is the one you have with you. Of the 39 photos, only 9 were collected with my Canon. The rest were with my iPhone 6; the camera I had with me.

And finally, I was a little disappointed with myself during this project. I knew I couldn’t cut a 365 project, but found 39 days to be a bit tough too, and often cut corners. You can probably pick out the photos where it hit 10, 10:30 or so at night and I thought “oh crap I need to take a photo”. (hint, some of them feature cats). Or the days I just plain skipped and then made up afterwards.  Some days I lucked out early in the day and a photo just appeared (like the plumeria perfectly arranged on green by the parking structure of Queens. Or the photos I didn’t feel so proud of but just posted anyway. But regardless, it was a good experience. A learning experience.  I like projects. I’ll do another one.








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