Kenrokuen. Kanazawa. Ishikawa Prefecture.  So much for writing a longer post with what I’m doing in Japan and why I’m in Kanazawa, but stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Kenrokuen

  1. Aloha Siri!Jeri and I were watching some catch-up Roy Donovan and yourlovely felines were chirping for attention downstairs…so obviously theywere invited.  Kissa was all about it w/ the other one a bit more trepidatious.We had fun after much exploration.  Been reading a book by Roads and Kingdoms presentscalled Rice Noodle Fish, “Deep Travels through Japan’s Food Culture” by Matt Goulding. It is an “Anthony Bourdain Book” selection but after that I find some of the very local locales quiet revealing? Are you familiar w/ this tome? Maybe a bit elementary for you but maybe not? All the best David

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